1,200,000 sqm of attractive industrial park for the value chain surrounding the Morrow giga battery factory

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Longum, a 1,200,000 sqm forested area, sits strategically across the highway from the Gigafactory. This proximity will help potential businesses who wish to co-operate with Morrow Batteries to do so easily and more effectively. Longum is well suited for power- and area-intensive industries. Offering large plots with close proximity to power lines, port, rail as well as Southern Norway’s central hubs, Longum is a favorable starting point for the development of industrial activities. Longum is owned by Repstad Group, which is in turn backed by solid owners, ready to contribute their experience and know-how in both planning, zoning and construction.

1,200,000 sqm

Spanning ​​1,200,000 sqm, Longum is the largest area in Eyde Material Park. Our plots will be zoned and delivered ready for construction in 2023. Further details regarding zoning and natural qualities will be made available upon request.

Morrow’s immediate neighbour

Morrow Batteries Gigafactory is under development in Eyde Energy Park, which is in turn surrounded by Eyde Material Park. Longum is strategically located right next to Morrow's battery factory, separated only by the E18 highway, allowing for easy and efficient interaction with Morrow.

Renewable energy

An essential prerequisite for the development of green and sustainable industry is the access to renewable energy. Longum will receive its electrical energy from local hydropower. Hydropower is a renewable energy source and the electricity supplied to Longum is produced without climate emissions.

The Agder region produces about 15 TWH of electricity annually and accounts for 10.9% of Norway’s electricity production, all from renewable sources. The regional power grid boasts a large capacity and good stability, and power outages are very rare.

Near railway and port

Longum's close proximity to logistics hubs enables efficient transportation of goods to important markets. The area is located right next to the E18, with railway and harbour nearby. A new road will be established from Eyde Material Park to the harbour, allowing the use of autonomous transportation vehicles.

Port of Arendal Eydehavn is closer to the European mainland and charges lower port fees than any other port in Norway. The port is currently being significantly upgraded in order to meet the needs of future businesses in Eyde Material Park.


Longum is located in beautiful forest terrain, and our goal is to develop industry in coexistence with nature. This means prioritizing the environment and putting sustainability in the driver's seat when developing industry for the battery value chain. Longum will be an area for green industry, founded on the principles of the circular economy and mutual utilization of resources. The companies within the park will work together for a sustainable and responsible production, where one company's waste product can provide important raw materials for the next.

Eyde Material Park

Eyde Material Park consists of four areas prepared for green and sustainable industries. The park surrounds Eyde Energy Park, where Morrow's battery Gigafactory is being developed. Longum, Longumkrysset, Helle 1 and Helle 2 make up a total of 1,800,000 sqm. A new road leading to nearby Port of Arendal Eydehavn will support the use of autonomous transportation vehicles, allowing for a direct and efficient transport to important markets woldwide.

Repstad Group

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